10 Tips For Creating A Cat-Friendly Home

If you have a cat, you understand how very crucial it is to make a safe and interesting place for your furry companion. Adding a cat tower in your home is one of the top methods to make the place more friendly for cats. The cat tree gives exercise, mind stimulation, and a safe spot for pet cat friends. Also, because there are many fashionable choices available, you will surely find one that matches beautifully with your home design.

10 Tips to Create a Cat-Friendly Home

  1. Encourage exercise opportunities for your cat
  2. Provide a safe space to your cat for naps
  3. Satisfy your cats climbing instincts
  4. Promote better behavior of your cat
  5. Offer scratching opportunities to your cat
  6. Reduce stress and anxiety in the cat cave
  7. Improve socialization opportunities of your cat
  8. Add vertical space as a lookout spot for your cat
  9. Enhance your home décor with modern cat furniture
  10. Provide mental stimulation to the cat

1. Encourages Exercise

Cats need to exercise regularly to keep a good weight and not feel bored. A cat tree has many levels, scratching posts, and hanging toys that make your cat want to jump, climb, and play around. 

2. Provides a Safe Space

A cat tower provides them with a special place where they can go when they want to be by themselves. This is very important in a cat friendly home with many pets, where your cat may need some time away from other animals.

3. Satisfies their Climbing Instincts

Your indoor cat doesn’t have the same threats, but they still feel a strong need to climb. Modern cat furniture is like a tree for cats, letting them enjoy climbing up safely and in control.

4. Promotes Better Behavior

If your kitty doesn't have enough things to do, it may start scratching furniture, pushing items off shelves, or doing other bad actions. A cat tower gives the mental and physical fun they need, making it less likely for them to act out destructively.

5. Offers Scratching Opportunities

Instead of your sofa, now your cat will get a better place to scratch. When you want to see your cat relaxed, take it to the cat tower to scratch. Cats when angry love to vent out its anger on the cat scratching post.

6. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Cats sometimes feel stress and worry, especially if their surroundings or daily habits change. Cat beds can be a cozy and well-known place where your cat might go when they are feeling uneasy. 

7. Improves Socialization

A cat cave can become the best hangout place for your cat. The various levels and platforms let your cats meet in an organized area, encouraging friendly interactions and lowering fights over territory. Even timid cats can gain advantages, as they can choose to watch from afar and slowly get closer to their more sociable companions.

8. Adds Vertical Space

Cat tower very good way to make vertical space without using much floor area. The cat tower doubles the cat friendly home space for you and the cat vertically to use. Now, you and your cat can live happily in a small house without bumping into each other every minute.

9. Enhances your Home Décor

The time when cat towers were unattractive and needed to be hidden away was over. Nowadays, you can find cat towers in many different designs and materials that match nicely with your home’s decoration style. From stylish and new styles to old-fashioned wooden buildings, there is a cat tree for every look. 

10. Provides Mental Stimulation to the Cat

Cats are smart animals that need mental activity to be happy and well. Modern cat furniture with fun parts like hanging toys, tunnels, and hiding places can keep your cat’s mind busy. 

Cat towers are easy to maintain and clean

Cat towers, sometimes called cat trees or cat condos, make great things to put in homes that love cats. The best part is that they are not hard to take care of or clean up at all. If you have concerns about maintaining a cat tower, don't worry! 

One big worry with cat beds is how much fur and dander collects on them. Luckily, cat towers are made to be easy to clean. Use a small hand-held vacuum or an attachment to take away loose fur and dirt from the surfaces. 

Cats usually keep themselves tidy, but sometimes accidents can occur. It might be some vomit or food mess; spot cleaning is a fast and useful way to deal with it. This stops stains from becoming permanent and keeps the cat tower clean for your pet.

Look at what the maker says on the cat scratching post, and follow the right direction to wash it. Usually, these things can be cleaned using a gentle cycle and mild soap in the washing machine. Washing them regularly keeps everything fresh and tidy for your cat.

The scratching posts on the cat tower are usually made from sisal, which is strong and good for cats. If you need more thorough cleaning, mix water with vinegar and use this solution for deep cleaning the cat friendly home without harming the sisal material.

Cats have very good noses, so a clean place is important for their happiness. Baking soda is good at removing smells naturally and doesn't harm pets.

Many cat towers from KBSPETS have toys and accessories that come with them. To make sure your cat stays interested and the tower remains neat, change these toys from time to time. Take away any broken toys and put new ones instead.

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