Beautiful floral cat trees that seamlessly blend in with modern decor!

KBSPETS started with our signature floral designed cat trees in Los Angeles-inspired by Descanso Gardens. We now offer a garden of long last floral cat trees, artistically designed with stunning colors-brightening up any room with its lush floral display & creating a relaxing atmosphere with vibrant flowers to enjoy all year round!

Cats enjoy cat trees to climb, but cat owners are often faced with buying traditional cat tees that don't always reflect modern decor. The KBSPETS team has set out to solve this challenge with a collection of handmade modern floral cat trees available in a variety of options to suit the tastes of cat owners looking for contemporary cart furniture to blend with their already existing decor!

We are offering NINE varieties of our flagship floral cat tree, and every tree is handmade with real natural tree branches that no longer bears fruits, ensuring that every product is completely ONE-OF-A-KIND.

The current lineup includes:

  • UNO A one flower cat bed with one dangling pompom toy;
  • DOS A one flower cat bed with one leaf perch and one dangling pompom toy;
  • TRES Two flower cat beds with one leaf perch, a cozy cat condo, and two dangling pompom toys.

All of our cat beds are the biggest on the market, offering spacious and comfortable amenities for even the most particular felines. 

Disclaimer***Each cat tree is made with real tree branches to ensure quality and uniqueness