7 Best Cat Trees For Large Cats In 2024

Cats tend to crash out wherever they please, but if you set up a cozy spot just for them, you might finally snag a seat on your couch. Grab yourself a cat tree; they're super handy. You can get ones with baskets, toys, or even little hideout boxes for cat naps.

Teddy Blanc Eden

This cat tree has a strong, curved trunk wrapped in sisal rope, connecting to four huge flower beds; the biggest ones out there! Plus, there's a cozy mushroom house and five pom-pom toys with bells. Perfect for your cat to chill, climb, and play without wrecking your furniture. And there is a sisal rope post on this wood cat tree to keep your sofa scratch-free!

This updated cat tree comes with four flower beds at different heights, going all the way up to 63 inches, and a snug mushroom house with a fun pom-pom toy. This cat tree for large cats is made for cats of all ages; adults, kittens, and seniors. These cat trees are the absolute biggest out there, giving even the most particular kitties plenty of space to chill.

Graphite Grey Eden

The ultimate mix of style and practicality for your furry buddy. From our Monochrome Collection, this large cat tree is made with you and your cat in mind. When you have modern home decor, the Monochrome tone of this cat tree will blend seamlessly.

Let your cat relax, climb, and play with this awesome cat tree; a fantastic way to keep them occupied without damaging your furniture. On the graphite grey Eden sprawling cat trees, your cat will find its paradise.

Cherry Blossom Eden

With three lovely pastel shades to choose from, you can create your indoor forest paradise. Cherry Blossom Eden is truly unique; the large flower cat tree is like a piece of art for your cat. Your cat will love to live in this paradise, which is designed to give the most comfort to this furry animal.

This modern flower tree features four flower beds at different heights, going all the way up to 63 inches, and a comfy mushroom house with a fun pom-pom toy. Every bed is 20.5 inches, which can hold a big cat up to 25 lb in weight.

Teddy Blanc Secret Garden

This awesome Blanc design wood cat tree is featured with a solid base plate for safety, four real natural branches, some wrapped in sisal rope, a cozy private condo, and four fun plush toys with bells. Your cat will love to rest on this tree and play all day with these plush toys with bells

Let your cat explore the Secret Garden; it's filled with teddy blanc trees that'll bring the beauty of flowers indoors! With four flower beds, two leaf perches, five scratching posts, a cozy condo, and four pom-pom toys with this cat tree for large cats!

Black Rose

This resting piece for cats is made by skilled artisans with lots of attention to detail. Because it's all handmade and hand-finished, you might notice some variations in the woodwork; but that just adds to its charm! Made just for Meowlentines Day, this large cat tree has these gorgeous rose-shaped flowers that'll give your home a classy touch. 

The modern floral design of this cat tree is crafted with real natural wood branches, and it comes with a cozy cat bed shaped like a rose and a leaf-shaped perch. Plus, there's a dangly pom-pom toy that comes along with this large flower cat tree for your kitty's playtime!

Lavender Cat Tree

Inspired by the beauty of lavender, this modern floral design is handcrafted with real natural wood branches. This flower tree features a cozy cat bed shaped like a lavender flower and a leaf perch for your cat to relax on. And for extra fun, there's a dangly pom-pom toy attached. 

Because each cat tree is crafted by hand using real tree branches, you might notice some differences in color, size, and how they look. But hey, that just means each cat tree is unique! When you want to see your furry friend happy, bring these types of sprawling cat trees to your house.

Cozy Plush Noir Dos

A solid base plate gives this cool Noir design cat tree rigidity. When your cat becomes bored, it can scratch on the hemp rope post of this wood cat tree.

The portable size of this cat tree means you can move it around the room easily. When you have just one cat in the house, it is the perfect retrieval point for your furry friend. The affordable price of this cat tree available at KBSPETS means you can have it without double thinking.

Unlike dogs, cats aren't always up for a cuddle. Sometimes they're cool chilling on the couch with you, but other times they just want to do their own thing, especially if there are other pets around. 

Once your cat's been in the house for a while, they're going to get curious and start climbing stuff, like the fridge or tall closets. They need something to keep them busy, or your furniture's going to take a beating. 

A cat tree, especially the tall ones, can keep them entertained for hours. They can hop around from perch to perch and play with the toys attached. And if your cat's acting up, a tree might just fix the problem.

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