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Description When it comes to flowers, the more, the merrier. Introducing Hexaflora - a stylish cat tree with an abundance of floral beauty, featuring a floral oasis that transitions seamlessly from one season to the next. With three new monochromatic shades designed to elevate any home, Hexaflora is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a statement piece.

Hexaflora is a one-of-a-kind cat tree designed for multi-cat families. These new additions provide your feline friend with both comfort and style, doubling as home decor and elevating the luxury of your living space. KBSPETS always ensures the use of exceptional hand-picked materials to ensure the comfort of your cat. We believe every cat deserves the luxury of comfort.

This modernized cat tree consists of six flower beds - varying in appropriate heights ranging up to 63". Our products are designed and tested for adult cats, kittens, and senior cats. ***Our cat trees are the BIGGEST on the market, offering spacious and comfortable amenities for even the most particular felines.

Features This unique floral cat tree comes with a firm base plate to ensure the safety of your cat. It also comes with a sturdy and uniquely curved trunk wrapped entirely with sisal rope. The trunks connect the base to six luxurious flower beds, which are the BIGGEST on the market, offering space and comfort to all cats. This cat tree is suitable for cat resting, climbing, and playing — a great alternative to leaving your cat alone without having to worry about damaged furniture. We provide your cat with a sisal rope post for them to have fun while leaving your sofa and tiles free of scratches.

Suitability For LARGE CATS up to 25+LBS. ***Each flower cat bed is 20.5 inches. It is big enough to ensure the comfort to your cat :)

Easy Assembly Easy assemble and disassemble.

Sizing See the last picture for details

Durability Made with high-quality material & craftsmanship. All wear and tear parts can be replaced so your KBSPETS product can last for years to come.

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